August 9, 2017 dirtyshooze

Parker Mtn DragonFly Season Finale Results

…the course map for the last Parker Mtn jaunt…

…and the crew that showed up to tackle it…

…and the profile of the course, devilishly designed by Blake for the last time on the mountain, with a fine viewing spot on Linda’s Lookout…

… which resulted in but one ShoeFly’er doing more than one loop (Alan knocked off 7 miles) while the remainder were more than happy for just one trip to the Lookout and recording what we’ll round to 4 miles.  All told, 55 miles consuming about 705 minutes. And no one got lost this time, again with high praise to our Master Trail Marker, Snowflea

Reward for attacking (and returning from) the mountain was Blake’s sumptuous skewers ‘n sidecars, this feast compliments of your own entry dollars.  Maybe Blake’ll accept the position of Master Chef for 2018’s season?

This week’s Royal Court (no, no, YOU decide which is the jester… tho I’d lean toward Ms Alien Eyes…):

Adieu, then, for this season, to Parker Mtn’s challenging trails and superb hosting by Blake, with local support from Schilling and Littleton Coop for post-trail replenishment!!





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