May 28, 2018 dirtyshooze

2nd Swarm Results ‘n Stuff

Geez, Flys literally swarmed to the 2nd gathering – trend?  We’ll have inkling once we’ve passed Rd 2 on both sides of the river.  Including late drop-ins, 70 highly digitized times (down to 1/100th of a second) got recorded, from a blitzing 12 minutes (Krista earning the RunNut for the effort) to a few in the 70’s (Sebastian Lindsley rolled his wheels for a full loop, Mom as Speed Consultant).

With a course so welcoming in tread and signage, no surprise that but a couple handfuls (mostly those whose stature had a significantly low center of gravity) did the 1.394527 mile loop, with another handful SO enthralled by the course that they opted for the full 10K (Nick, Joe, Geoffrey, Alan and Tim (who also earned the BCD for his 3 point landing)).  The remaining 50+ Flys’ times for the 5K spanned betwixt 27 (NPT’s Matt Breton) and 73 minutes (Ellie sweeping to insure Sebastian & Luisa made it home).

Whether picnicking with your own stash (Muller pod here)…

…or enjoying Nicole’s delectable Mac ‘n Cheeeez ‘n fixin’s, post-bzzzzin’ recovery helped top off the afternoon’s dirt agenda (what is that agenda, anyway?).  The Northern Physical Therapy crew – you DID see their Team T, didn’tcha? – earned ShoeFly Beanie recognition with Jesse promising to wear his at work for a full month.  And our terrific local sponsors’ gift certificates found happy recipients for their largesse:  Leila gladly took this day’s Stepping Stone Spa sponsor donation; Melissa got Catamount Arts movie passes, Jackie snatched the Cafe Lotti card, and Jen D eagerly handled the Wildflower Inn certificate.

As the shadows lengthened, once again our newly tagged FlyByes held court til we finished packing up.  Perhaps the reverie you Flys displayed on and off dirt will feed the trend in question? maybe even that agenda thrown at you during the pre-dirt briefing?  Dirt! Dirt! it’s all about enjoying Dirt…  Hoping our sun’s glare accompanies our next Swarm, looking forward to (Fly Shades-enhanced) seeing you again in NH soon (details in the next email blast)!!


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