August 4, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #7 Official, Real-News-but-skewed-as-usual, Report

Notice but 2 adults in this pic, as Blake explains the course.  Guess how many adults wandered at will and discovered different-from-planned dirt?  42 left and returned, that total accountability the best result expected.  8 zipped thru the short course easily enough; most others satisfied with just one long loop, for all its hill and wandering opportunities; only 2 opted for 2 long loops (Finn joining Hugh to snatch the ribbons).

Amid Blake’s dishing out his homemade pulled pork for all to savor…

…pockets of playfulness filled minutes…

…until the much anticipated “who’s getting the BCD this week?” unfolded.  You Flys are wising up to the game — true for the last trio of Swarms — so earlier day dirtied knees served as suitable justification to keep the award within the Brown clan (they now have 2 ensembles to enjoy for 2 weeks).

Cheryl walked away with the RunNut, aided by her staying ON the course vs swishing thru the tall grass.  And a handful of beanies found new heads to expand the brand to the broader public, via photos expected to appear on other social media elsewhere.

Big THANKS!! to Blake for owning the whole game, once again.  I vote he owns the whole show next season…  See you Flys in Vermont in a couple weeks!!  keep bzzzzz’in in the dirt…

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