September 1, 2018 dirtyshooze

Final NH Swarm!!

Blake’s Game

Did this guy finish his season in style, or what?!!?  Everybody who started…

Gwen gets assist after her power nap


Did they hold hands the entire loop?

…w/ NO reports of getting lost (125 streamers helped?); plus, w/ Blake’s conscientious attention to budget, we had opportunity to throw a spread of goodies…


…without asking y’all for a dime as contribution!! 3 Huzzahs!! for Blake…

52 toed the line, about a fourth doing the single mile, half doing the 5K’ish loop once, three doubling the long loop, and the remainder roaming some variation of both courses (somewhere within that batch, Colleen finally earned her RunNut!!).

These two set an early focus on fashion…

A Riot of Color!!

…so that come BCD assignment time, our Royalty donned in style, the mavens voting “thumbs up!!” for the show.

Simply Dashing!

What a fun evening to find some dirt, eh???  You Flys throw yourselves a fine party — “swarm” now enjoys a pleasant derivative context, doesn’t it?  Nine down, one more to finish the season, then a finale to celebrate using 5 months to appreciate the dirt waiting for you to visit…  Stay tuned for details on #10!!





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