September 18, 2018 dirtyshooze

Swarm #10 Round Up

Despite perhaps the best conditions we’ve had all Season, other (school-related?) agendas kept our start line crowd to 30, but they all took advantage of six variations on design…

…to roam on dirt and, for half the Flys, find upper Shire to enjoy views to Willoughby Gap (here, last Swarm’s BCD winner, Reinette, earning the honor of keeping that ensemble after today).

Some of the longer batch turned back at first Gap view (here, Emily and Doug detouring around the Muller kids’ civil engineering project)…

…while others dropped to the Shire’s bottom and crunched home (Rita here joining Colleen and Elise as winners of the RunNut trophy).

Adding the treats of Auntie Dee-Dee’s delectables…

…helped Flys extend the evening’s camaraderie, so that once awards dispersed to deserving shoes, Sue put on her lamp to begin retrieving streamers, and I left the Closers to, well, do just that!!  On to smooshing together details for the Finale this coming Sunday — who’s swarming?

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