September 25, 2018 dirtyshooze

Big Bzzzzz Season Finale!!

I think 48 left the Start; can’t say exactly how many came back; but certainly enough to line up for the buffet.  Since the prime agenda for the season was to roam, the Finale stayed consistent with that purpose — flagged only the 1+ mile route and Flys wandered dirt somewhere on the five routes spidering out from  Market Cafe.  Yay for roaming without visual assistance!!

With the morning start shrouded with morning clouds and nippy temperature, Blake’s girls helped him prepare for the sprint ahead of the pack.  The sun burned the clouds away, so that by the time Cafe Lotti laid out their yummy spread…

…the winterish garb slowly dropped aside (did the mimosas help, too?), and the rest of the morning alternated between distributing shwag — some earned, like Lisa’s fleece jacket and stitched blanket for perfect attendance, or Clare for closest to my recorded data for distance and time thru the season (another stitched blanket); some, just for being there (a half dozen softbilled ShoeFly hats will now enter the general population for spreading the brand) — and enjoying the sweet sounds of Chickweed to accompany the warming sun.

Guess which Flys left last?

Hope you Flys enjoyed the Swarm Season!!  While this site may drift into restless slumber for a spell, anticipation for 2019’s season will periodically earn some attention and may get reported here.  Til then, get those Shoes on dirt, and keep the bzzzzzz alive!!

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