April 16, 2019 dirtyshooze

Ides of April?

if there’s one in March, does April hide one, too? not a subject this Fly has much knowledge of… so, to nudge the motivation to enter, yes, the first 100 paid entrants (we’re sitting at about half that number) get a spiffy stadium seat (inventory of red or blue) on which to park their heinies (what DOES a fly’s tush look like, anyway?) after roaming the dirt, or wherever else one cares to sit outside to enjoy fresh air and Nature’s entertainment.

ok, need still more nudge? here’s the spreadsheet our screeners will be using to add yet more color character to our ShoeFly T’s – NOW your wings are flapping greater than 200Hz, aren’t they?!!?

…and you’re correct if you think those movie tix expect to be handed out randomly to a lucky Fly sitting in her/his stadium seat during post-roam festivities, other such complementary goodies in the works.

ok, enough ogling here – go SHOEfly, Flys!!

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dirtyshooze Moons 'n Moons of Miles 'n Miles, in front of and behind the aid station table, in the latter status offering Coyote brand trail exploring opportunities to those who prefer the (usually more entertaining) adventure of dirt roaming over puffing up their competitive rankings.