May 13, 2019 dirtyshooze

Season Opener!!

OK, Flys, we’re a week away from our first Swarm — yippee, kiyi, yippee!! (in fact, real flies DO cheer their short lives in such fashion; linguistic science just hasn’t confirmed it just yet) — and here’s the cryptic details: Monday, 5/20, top of School St above the high school in Littleton. bell rings the start at 5:30, so you’ll want to get there early to park, check in and get your goodies, then attend the pre-roam briefing (about 5:15’ish) by Mr BzzzzBomb Blake. depending on volume of Flys attending, we’ll fill the upper parking area inside the gate then stretch the cars down the street into available parking spots (another hint at how early to arrive). time to git to bzzzz’in’…..!!

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