July 5, 2019 dirtyshooze

Swarm 4 Performance Tech Eval

oh, yeah, that’s what we’re about, fershur… now, fashion, that’s different; just ask Elyse, this week’s crowned royalty of the BCD. other goodies winners eagerly awaited Joe’s doling out of same, pix nestled among the batch at end of this post.

#4 shared much of the same dirt as Swarm #2 at the Serenity Spa, with our highly GPS-dependent mapping not surprisingly matching one of our Fly’s tracker…

(btw, bonus points for correct interpretation of abbreviations on the board…)

our numbers continue to swell, this week’s Flock o’ Flys just shy of 80!! and the ratio of Junior Flys to Well Seasoned Flys climbs commensurately. Next Swarm back across the river in NH, details (as usual) to be posted here and our closed group FB page. for now, enjoy the sample of Flydom below…

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