July 17, 2019 dirtyshooze

Swarm #5 Bzzzlights

Wow, Meadowstone Farm and Blake pulled off a sweet one last Monday!! Blake’s double marking (paint + streamers) helped get Flys “home” (tho, like real flies, a parcel of diversionary routes, bwa-ha-ha!!) to a terrific spread of Farm-fresh produce ‘n cheese ‘n smiling hospitality!!

we finally topped out at over 80 Flys roaming, which only added to the competition for goodies post-bzzzz. in succession, competitors for BCD ‘n hats, the winners of the latter, and Elyse (background in red T) happy tho conflicted to hand over the BCD to Rita.

Cleanest legs (really, how DID they roam THAT course and NOT collect mud ‘n grime ‘n such, huh?) winners…

starting dialog w/ Catamount Art’s Leavitt Amp rep for a ShoeFly recognition eve at the Aug 4th show on Dog Mountain. details to follow, so reserve that afternoon/eve for a gathering of Flys!!

back across the river on second Monday approaching, July 29. details posted here and on FB page after Joe pores over the maps. stay tuned… keep bzzzzin’… ‘n go visit the Farm and collect some of their wunnerful yummies…!!

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