August 16, 2019 dirtyshooze

Swarm #7 Redux

for the NH season finale, Blake’s clean map and clear route instructions only served to tease a couple Flys (surely not Colleen or Ryan!!) to wander onto different territory, the other 48 faithfully finding easy roam to home…

…with Henry screaming uphill as first finisher while “hey, I showed up!!” Adriene heads out onto the course a mere 30+ minutes after the start.

Blake spread a yummy display of wraps from Littleton Coop, supplemented by garden treats from Meadowstone Farm, all hungry mouths easily satisfied by volume and taste!

the usual complement of Fly goodies got doled out (Oliver’s BCD in Isaac’s arms, said full attire shown on our FB page), these beanies on Trudeau heads now an opportunity for the parental foursome to don such stylish chapeaux in a public setting. got the guts for such display, Flys?? what other Flys w/ beanies have been sheepishly hiding the banner from pubic advertising, huh? huh? huh?

…and as light faded, yet again twas left to the Closers to put the final smiles to another fun evening on dirt hosted by our Fly Master, Blake!! see you Flys in VT in 10 days…

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