August 22, 2019 dirtyshooze

Swarm #8!! (oh, no, last one?!!?)

really? we’re almost done??? say it ain’t so, BigFly!! yup, finally squeaking to our final Swarm, this coming Monday, 8/26, at our favorite VT spot on Darling Hill Rd, the Serenity Spa. unfamiliar with its location and directions ‘n stuff? well, that appears in earlier posts, so drift thru our season notes to help your eyes/mind find how to find us.

normal pre-roam dynamics — get there early enough to park, check in, listen most attentively to the trail brief, gather for the final group pic of the year, then cover your ears as the obnoxious clanger peals (on or about 5:30) to send you off onto dirt, certain to be well marked but nonetheless, despite our best efforts, still resulting in some Flys finding new dirt. just find your way homeward to enjoy post-roam refreshment and entertainment (that’d be some of you, as targets)… who’ll remain to watch the sunset and offer final ta-ta’s ‘n oh-re-vwowers??

til Monday, Flys, get those wheels rolling and bzzzzzzz!!

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