wings’re unfolding and drying out for some dirt roaming soon (yippee!!), so time to update our list of Flys, those since Pi Day and thru Tax Day, vets first then newbies following.  welcome back Clare (w/ Althaea and Silas in tow), Susan, Sam, Thatcher, Sylvie, Jenny, Hannah, Lindsay, Shea, Kristina, Matt, Nic, Melissa, Ellie, Nicolas, Heather, Cheryl, Rita, Ryan, Fiona, Phoebe, Henry, Abel, Gwendolyn, Alan and Krista!! …and wave your wings “Hi!!” to newbies Jennifer, Alison, Conall, Sonya, David, Nicki, Lydia, Cameron and Adriene!!  we’re still richer of pace in drawing in Flys for this year over last, so… how many more can you Flys recruit before our first Swarm in the next 5 weeks?  get to bzzzzin’….. both for this effort and getting those Shoes onto dirt that’s now more prevalent than the white stuff previously hiding it!!

poking thru the larval sac, the FlyWriter discloses our entrants up thru Pi Day.  Welcome new Flys (in order of entry) Ricky (Cabot), Debanne (Littleton) and Amber/Riley/Addalyn (Lyndonville)… and veteran Flys (in reverse order of entry, so’s the first to enter lingers between those big eyes of your’s longer) Emily, Doug, John, Geoffrey, Elizabeth, Marcia, Larry, Mark, Colleen, Lisa, Elise, Beth, Darcie, Brooke, Gina, Aimee and Kendra!!  Go ahead, float thru last year’s posts to see which of the above you can tag names with faces.  Good Luck!!


7th Post, June 5th:  Guess no one out there’s particularly motivated to earn a 6pack (or nifty prize of equal or greater value) to figure out sequence logic of the Series entrants.  Has the noticeably cool/dank/surly weather robbed you of your spunky bzzzzzz?!!?  Contest remains alive until just the next post on this page, after which, unlike PowerBall, the value of what’s to be dispersed will tank/disappear and otherwise be replaced by a challenge not so, uh, er, challenging.  Anywho, this post, our Festival entrant list shows 100% growth!!  More on population expansion elsewhere on this website and FB posts…

6th Post, May 19th:  OK, nobody won the thrill of a goodie from the Box ‘o Surprises after last post’s challenge of figuring organization of entrants (Alan the only one who proffered a guess — come on, people!! we’ve a bundle of goodies to dispense).  So, tweaking yet again for this post, and surely someone out there can figure this one out — but yes, you’ll still need to hunt ‘n peck to find your name…  This contest will roll forward, too, so matching given name w/ familial names will be your subsequent challenge.  (And you’re saying, there better be a 6pack waiting for the double winner here!!)

5th Post, May 7th:  Kinda like Flys to sugar, more keep gathering.  Can you guess how they’re now displayed?  yes, another variant, and first to guess correctly how arranged (no, no, no postcard submissions like Car Talk, more at “I’m hearing…”), wins something from the Box o’ Surprises!!

4th Post, Apr 22nd:  Doppel GeWowster!! in a smidgen over a week’s passing, we’ve grown by another 50%.  let’s see, how to encourage a full read…?  alphabetical again, but by first name!!  bzzzzzz on thru…

3rd Post, April 13th:  Wowser!! we’ve almost doubled our Fly population in less than 2 weeks, and to keep the viewer ever alert to changes, those Flys are now in alphabetical order — who’s new, who’s been in the swarm before this post.  Go Fish, er, Fly?

2nd Post, April Fools!! Attracting more Flys to the Series gathering, the list below, as warned below, shuffled to invite lingering vs quick “where’s me?” visits… then, directly below the Series roster, you’ll find a starting pod of entrants for the Festival, less than six months away.

1st Post, March 26th: The Who’s Who of the ShoeFly Trail Running Series.  Our swarm grows and grows… with likely some hovering on the side waiting for the white stuff to disappear before committing?  As more gather, they’ll be noted below, and maybe fer grinz, the names will jockey in position so that subsequent readings will get full gaze rather than expecting the newbies to appear just at top or bottom.  Such is the bzzzz bzzzz of this website…

Series Flys

Sylvie, Thatcher, Beck, Evvi, Macy, Finn, Gabby, Evan, Naia, Holden, Alexandra, Anthony, Kristina, Samantha, Daniel, Molly, Liz, Alan, Jackie, Katelyn, Laura, Emily, Amber, Jim, Jenny, John, Leah, Kathy, Jon, Nick, Bob, Hugh, Colleen, Geoffrey, Julie, Cyndie, Angela, Tina, David, Laura, Mike, Kim, Stephanie, Mark, Larry, Melissa, Heather, Simon, Elise, Reinette, Cindy, Jim, Laura, Minnie, Ben, Ellie, Alice, Mary Lou, Bill

Festival Flys, in increasing order of potential sleep to be had, with VT Runner Mom and her brood’s entry the latest batch to swell this particular swarm:

Laurel Cox, DragonFly Dawn2Dusk Solo

Naia Tower-Pierce, BlackFly 50K

Hugh Tower-Pierce, BlackFly 50K

Matthew Belair, BlackFly 50K

Alan McGrath, Jr, BlackFly 50K

Finn Tower-Pierce, HorseFly 25K

Donna Curtin, HorseFly 25K

Justin Alderdice, HorseFly 25K

Jase Alderdice, HorseFly 25K

Guy Alderdice, HorseFly 25K

Krista Alderdice, HorseFly 25K

Laura Nixon-Belair, HorseFly/FireFly 10K

Miranda Cully, FireFly 10K

Philippa Cully, FireFly 10K

Nimrod McSchwortlelips, ButterFly 5Ks